rio carnival 2012

Rio de Janeiro Brazil Carnival and Festival 2012

Plan ahead, the World Famous Rio Carnival begins on February 18, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Join millions of visitors and fans who converge on one of the greatest festivals and parties every year in Rio. The Carnival or Carnaval lasts for four days and marks the beginning of Lent and brings together competing schools from across Brazil to show their pagentry in a parade through the heart of Rio. The carnival pits the Samba schools against each other in hopes of becoming crowned the king of the Rio Carnival.

For tourists making it to Rio for their first carnival they will quickly realize that the large centerpiece parade is only the beginning of the thousands of smaller scale street carnivals that occur throughout Rio de Janeiro over the course of the Carnival week. The locals take the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy music and dancing in the streets, while often wearing beautiful and extravagant costumes to highlight the week.

Rio Carnival Photo

Every festival will likely feature locals celebrating with a samba or local dance famous in Brazil for its African roots. Tickets for the main Rio Carnival (Sambrado Parade) go on sale August 1st of 2011 and can be purchased from general admission to front row and luxury suites. Plan ahead to visit Rio and participate in the world famous carnival for a once in a lifetime experience.