Fernando de Noronha—Brazil’s Best Kept Secret

If you are traveling to Brazil and would like to know where to go and what to do while you’re there, you should take time to visit Fernando de Noronha. Situated about 200 miles off Brazil’s northeastern coast, this paradise is a small archipelago comprising of 21 exotic islands waiting to be explored.

What to See

Fernando de Noronha is famous for its beaches. In fact, many tourists say its beaches are the best in Brazil. With its crystal clear waters and fantastic coral reefs, it’s hard to believe otherwise. Aside from its to-die-for beaches, you would also find historical ruins from World War II as well as the old fortress built by the Portuguese in the 1500s. If you’re there, just walking and walking because everything around you will simply take your breath away.

What to Do

You won’t run out of things to do in Fernando de Noronha. To start with, you can go scuba diving and explore the ruins underwater. You will also be delighted with the fantastic display of coral reefs surrounding the islands. Aside from scuba diving, you can likewise spend some time watching dozens of dolphins in the morning. These intelligent sea creatures can be found in Dolphin Bay at dawn and you can have breakfast there as the dolphins entertain you.
Because the government protects 70% of the archipelago, its marine life is virtually untouched. You will see plenty of tortoises, eels, sharks, and even stingrays in the waters. You can go island hopping for just $20 and be able to enjoy the views under water and in the islands around you.

And of course, you shouldn’t miss out on riding the Dune Buggy. This is the island’s main mode of transportation and something that you’ll hardly find anywhere else. You can rent one for an entire day for your sightseeing with friends or family.

Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha is definitely a must-see. Whether you want to spend some quiet time with someone special, be close to Nature, or simply want to travel around the country’s most beautiful sceneries, you will definitely enjoy your time on this island.

Plan your visit ahead of time because the number of people that are allowed entry on the island daily is limited. Its peak season is from December to February so if you are arriving during this time, always plan in advance.


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