Important Information When Traveling to Rio de Janeiro

A worthwhile trip with family or friends will be experienced at Rio de Janeiro, the stunning capital of Brazil. The city is set at the heart of the country and its geographical area is about the size of New York City. The main tourist attractions are not within the city limits, so visitors can take pleasure in traveling to and fro in order to view the landmarks and amazing spots in Rio.

When traveling anywhere in the world, a smart traveler must have a good orientation of the place of destination. With the varying cultures and traditions from one country to another, you would only want to make sure that you make the best out of your trip by being able to easily understand the necessities of traveling. When traveling to Rio de Janeiro, learn the many important facts and information and find your way to a memorable holiday trip.

City Transportation Guide

The large span of urban coverage in Rio does not make it a suitable place for walking when planning to go from one place to another and enjoying the sights of the city. There are available public transportations such as cabs, ferries, as well as buses to take you to your destination. Most cabs operate throughout the day, so there is little to worry about going to your places of interest in the city. If you are on a tour with a group of friends, you can easily arrange private transportations to get you around Rio. Having a tour guide is highly recommended when traveling around for convenience.

Safety Tips

It is but natural to always question the safety and security when traveling to a certain place for the first time. At Rio de Janeiro, there is nothing to be scared of during your visit and trip around the city. But it is still helpful to learn tips about the place during your stay. Walking at night is not recommended in Rio especially if you plan to barhop or go to beaches. Midnight strolls along the shorelines of Copacabana can be pretty unsafe, so it is best to do it during daytime. If you plan to cross from Ipanema to Copacabana during a night out for a change of venue, refrain from passing through the tunnels that join both places. You would rather take a cab and save yourself from unwanted incidents.
Weather in Rio

Rio de Janeiro generally enjoys a tropical climate all year round. Never forget to include your summer attire and swimsuits if you wish to enjoy the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Rain falls occasionally but it is normal in a tropical area to experience rain and sunshine sporadically on the same day.


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