Preparations Begin For Those Planning To Make A Great Trip To The 2013 Rio Carnival

Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the biggest Carnival, which attracts over 500,000 foreign visitors every year. It is a 4-day celebration and begins 40 days before the Easter. The Carnival starts on a Saturday and ends on a Tuesday during the start of Lent (on Ash Wednesday). This euphoric event not only entertains people from all spheres of the globe but also offers an opportunity for visitors to learn the culture of Brazil.

Entertainment ranges from dances, singing, and partying to other activities. Because of the size of the event, visitors are advised to make travel arrangement in advance so that they have great time in following the unfolding aspects during the event. Transport and accommodation can be a big challenge considering the large number of participants and visitors attending the event.

Where to Stay

If you are planning to attend the 2013 Rio Carnival
, you need to choose your preferred accommodation from various locations near the event. Some of the best hotels are found South Rio in the Zona Sul area. Because of the proximity to the Carnival, hotels and other accommodation facilities in this area booked up early.

Making your reservation about 3 or 4 months prior to the commencement of the event can help in avoiding the search for appropriate accommodation. Zona Sul is by far the most intriguing place to stay if you want to have pleasant moments when attending the hallmark event. This location is by the sea and is the most contemporary part of the city.

Other places are Ipanema and Copacabana, which offer a big stage of the carnival. Another favorite location is Leblon and although it a bit more expensive, it features excellent accommodation. During this time, most of the hotels offer a fixed rate of accommodation either 4 or 5 night’s package. The rates are certainly higher than other times of the year and this is because the demand is too high. If you have a shoe-string budget for your accommodation, you may opt to rent apartment or private rooms but you will still get higher rates.

Getting there

The best way to get to the event is by subway or taxi. You will have a lot of fun when you travel by metro since there are many things you can see including paraders dressed in spectacular costumes. The metro is safer because it will drop you a walking distance from the meeting points. Buses can be inconveniencing but if there is no other option, then you have to rely on the buses.

In addition, you need to arrive early about one and half hours before parading time for your school. This will enable you prepare for the parade and meet your samba president. During this time, you can move around and meet the celebrities and artists. You also have a chance to see the richly decorated floats, as well as mingle with drummers and models that are getting ready for the actions.

In essence, if you would like to have comfortable and pleasurable moments when you visit Rio de Janeiro 2013 Carnival, you should emphasize on accommodation and travel arrangement. You need to know which transport means will get you to the event and where you will reside during that 4-day period.

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