Rio De Carnival – Events and Winners of the Carnival Parade Contest

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the biggest carnival in the world, celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendor. The festival held before Lent each year, opened grandly in 2012 on February 18, 2012. Close to 500,000 foreign visitors was witness to one of the best visual spectacles they would ever see in their life.

The four day celebration which starts on Saturday and ends on Fat Tuesday, with the commencement of Lent on Ash Wednesday was quite a stunning affair. The events lined up were Samba Parades, Carnival Balls, Magic Ball, Rio Scala Balls, Samba Land, Samba School Nights, Street Parties, Street Bands, Sambodromo Rehearsals , Street Rehearsals, Samba City and Merry Making in Lapa. The Sambodromo Parades included Samba Schools in the Special Group, Champions Parade, Samba Schools in the Access Group A, Samba schools in the Access Group B, Children’s Samba Schools etc.

The 201w Carnival Balls were also a grand spectacle and not so taxing on the pockets too. The tickets to most balls cost anywhere between $70 and $150. The ball at the famous Copacabana Palace command a premium but it is worth the luxury. There were also animated costume balls for children and adults in Rio Scala, Hard Rock Kid’s Folia and Clube dos Caicas. Merry making in Lapa were also in full swing, attracting the youth who enjoyed each other’s company for four days from Friday to Tuesday; from 20.00 till dawn.

Amidst all the fanfare and fervent enjoyment, the winner of the 2012 Rio Carnival was announced. The Unidos da Tijuca samba school was declared winner on February 22, 2012 for its tribute to the late music composer and singer Louis Gonzaga, ‘the King of Balao’, which is known to be the popular music style in the north-east part of Brazil

The group Unidos da Tijuca, were looking beautiful in their blue and yellow colors; they have be known for their exceptional contribution to arts. This is the third time; they have won the honor in their 81 year old history. The second prize went to Salgueiro School in red and white colors, with a parade offering tribute to the Cord Literature, the renowned genre in the north-east. Cord Literature refers to printed booklets contains native novels, folk songs and poems that were sold traditionally by artists who would display them hanging from cords.

The celebration of 2012 Rio Carnival winners took off with loud hoots, cheers and fire-crackers. Earlier the 13 top-class Samba schools in pursuit of the title staged elaborate night parades of floats with stunning dances by hundreds of exquisitely costumed dancers at the renovated Sambodromo, which is also known as the ‘temple of Samba’.

The winners Unidos da Tijuca has 4,000 dancers and eye-catching floats that entertained the packed crowd of 72,000 people at Sambodromo early Tuesday… Their performance was a mix of traditional samba along with torro rhythm, which is a north-eastern form of song and dance. The event was judged by 40 judges on the basis of music, choreography and creativity in terms of concept and presentation.

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