Rio De Janeiro 2013- Tickets, Seats and Costumes

Sambodromo is the center of action for the all event of Rio de Janeiro Carnival. This is where the Samba parades gather. Visitors need to buy their Samba Parade tickets so that they can have a good view of what is happening during the Sambodromo actions. There are various aspects you need to consider when you want to buy Rio Carnival tickets. You need to use exclusive specialists organizing the event trips since they are able to offer you the best rates of the Samba Parade tickets.

You also need to buy from licensed outlets to avoid fraud. It is advisable that you do not buy your tickets from touts as they sell fake tickets. A specialized licensed agency can help you get genuine tickets and at the best prices. In addition, you may buy your tickets in one-stop-shop meaning that you get all the things you need for the event including accommodation.

The sitting arrangement at Sambodromo is grouped into grandstands, allocated chairs, front boxes, and luxury suits. The grandstands seats are designed with bleachers. These benches are like big concrete steps but do not have allocated places. People can get as high and you may seat wherever you want though sector 9 has numbered seats.

Allocated chairs are the most affordable and are situated at the end of the Parading Avenue. There are lines of chairs with reclining steps that offer better view of the shows. Front boxes are located near the front of the samba runway. They are in four rows and have reclining steps. Row A is closest to the runway and each box consists of six numbered chairs and a coffee table.

Luxury suites are designed for VIP and are situated closest to the runway. These are the most coveted seating areas and they are spread all along the runway. They are an elevated level and this offers a great view of the parade shows. The luxury suites are bedecked private suites hosting 12, 24, 36, and 48 people. They are also fitted with air conditioning and this makes them comfortable. From the luxury suites, people can enjoy a first class buffer menu based on butler service.

Costumes enable visitors to participate in Rio Samba Parade
. When you get a costume, you can join a parade with a samba school. This is the most thrilling part of the event and gives you a live experience of the performance. You can get an unparallel experience by parading in striking costume and dancing to rhythms of heartbreaking beats of drums and samba music. You can imagine being part of the parade singing samba and dancing like a true native while thousands of people cheer you on the stage and millions watch you through TV sets.

This high-energy sparking moment is all you need for your Rio experience. You do not have to master everything in order to take part in the dances and parading shows. Taking part in warm up and brief introductions prior to parading gives you all you need to know so that you follow the steps of the beats. Otherwise, it is all about learning, and you learn as you enjoy the show parades.

Each school is allocated 80 minutes to stage throughout the runway. To participate in parades, you buy a costume that matches with the school attire. You have to get to the meeting point at the right time and acquaint yourself with the school parading activity. You do not have to attend rehearsals since you will understand parading steps as you follow your colleague paraders or by participating in warm up.

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