The Best Places to Stay For the 2012 Rio Carnival

Brazil is popular for its grand annual celebration of the Rio Carnival which is known to be largest and grandest festival in the world. The streets of Rio de Janeiro are so crowded with locals and tourists from everywhere in the world, dancing and merrymaking to the sound of upbeat samba music. It is very much like the Mardi Gras celebration of New Orleans only that it is more festive and more splendid.

The Rio Carnival 2012 will commence on the 18th of February and will last until the 21st. It is celebrated every year before the start of the Lent Season in the Catholic calendar as a way to be merry and jolly before Lent begins.
If you are planning to join the biggest carnival celebration this coming February, here are some recommended places to stay.

Southern Rio (the Zona Sul)

The South Rio or the South End is the best place to stay during the Rio Carnival. This is the most civilized and highly urbanized part of the city. Situated by the sea, it is an excellent location if you are looking for fun and enjoyment. Tourists flock to Zona Sul for a good hotel accommodation since here is where a majority of the wonderful beaches and hotels can be found. Choosing a place to stay by the beach is very ideal for tourists while having fun during the carnival.


Situated at the neighboring area of Southern Rio, Copacabana is another wonderful place to stay for the festivity. The most highly recommended is Copacabana Palace that is by the shores of Copacabana Beach which is considered one of the most popular beaches in Rio de Janeiro. You get to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay with a good view of the sea after merrymaking in the streets of Rio. Moreover, a grand Magic Ball is being held at the hotel attended by members of the high-class society.


Another busy part of the city is Ipanema where pricey choices for a good hotel stay can be found since it is located in the southern part of Rio where highlights of the Rio Carnival can be experienced. If you would ask the locals, they would say that the best street parties happen in Ipanema such as that of Cordao do Bola Preta. The street parades of the place are known to be most famous and colorful.

Leblon is also an excellent place to stay for the Rio Carnival celebration. Just like the aforementioned places, Leblon can be quite pricey and lavish in terms of accommodation, but it is also where some of the most flamboyant activities happen.

Wherever you choose to stay in Rio for the carnival, never leave the city without experiencing the best and most enjoyable moments of your vacation.

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