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Common questions regarding Travel Visa’s, Currency, Health Care, Crime and Culture are addressed here.


Travelers to Brazil whose countries participate in reciprocity of entry, generally do not need a visa to enter the country. Below is a partial list of these countries:

Argentina – Austria – Bahamas – Barbados – Belgium – Bermuda -Bolivia – Bulgaria – Chile- Colombia – Costa Rica – Czech Republic – Denmark – Ecuador- Finland – France – Germany – Great Britain – Greece – Hungary – Iceland – Ireland – Italy – Israel – Liechtenstein – Luxembourg – Malaysia – Monaco – Morocco – Netherlands – New Zealand – Norway – Paraguay – Peru -Philippines – Poland – Portugal – San Marino – Slovenia – South Africa – South Korea – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Thailand – Turkey – Uruguay

Specific questions should be directed to your local embassy, consulate offices within your residing country of citizenship.

For U.S. travelers who are planning to enter Brazil, please be aware that you are required to obtain a visa prior to entering into the country. The consulates office provides the following information to help guide travelers from the U.S. that are heading to Rio, below is a FAQ which has been posted on the office of consulate in SF California.

How do I know if I need a visa?

As a general rule, Brazil requests visas based on the principle of reciprocity of treatment given to Brazilian citizens. You DO need a visa (either for tourism or business) BEFORE entering Brazil if you are a citizen of the United States. Citizens of some countries do not require a visa to visit Brazil for tourism purposes, for a stay of up to 90 days (if necessary an extension may be authorized by the Federal Police in Brazil). Visas will be issued on a “laissez-passer” to nationals of the following countries: Bhutan, Central African Republic, Comoros, Kampuchea, and Taiwan.

Can I apply for a visa by mail?

No. The Consulate cannot accept applications by mail. You should apply in person. If you cannot come to the Consulate, you may use a visa service/visa agency.

When I apply for a visa, can I present a copy of my passport?

No. The Consulate needs the original passport to issue the visa. The Consulate only keeps the passport for the time necessary to process and issue the visa.

Can you fax my visa or send me an e-mail with the visa attached?

No. The visa is stamped on a page of your passport. Therefore the Consulate needs the original passport to issue the visa.

Can I pay the visa fee with a credit card?

No. The Consulate can only accept U.S. Postal money orders. All visa fees must be paid in U.S. Postal money order made payable to the Consulate General of Brazil. Sorry, but personal checks and cash will not be accepted.

I plan to stay in Brazil for six months. Is it possible?

Not necessarily. The tourist visa allows for multiple entries in Brazil for up to five years (American, Australian and Canadian citizens only) for stays up to 90 days. You may request that the Federal Police in Brazil grant an extension of stay, provided it does not exceed 180 days. However, you should not assume the Federal Police will grant the extension. But remember that unless you carry a special visa (student visa or a long-term work visa) you cannot stay in Brazil more than 180 days per year (consecutive).

I have gotten my tourist visa and traveled to Brazil once. Is it still valid?

The tourist visa for Americans and Canadians is valid for multiple entries, starting from the date it was issued, during the period the visa remains valid. The validity of the visa is decided by the Consul on a case-by-case basis and may vary from one day up to five years. Yes it remains valid for several other visits during the validity of the visa. The only restriction is that you cannot stay in Brazil for more than 90 days each time you go (up to 180 days per year if an extension of stay after the 90 days are over is granted by the Federal Police in Brazil). For all other nationalities, the tourist visa is valid for only 90 days. The validity of business visas for all nationalities is generally limited to 90 days. The business visa for Americans and Canadians may have a longer duration; the decision is made by the Consul on a case-by-case basis.

I am going to Brazil to attend some meetings but also for fun. Can I apply for a tourist visa?

No. In this case, the main purpose of your trip is business; therefore you must apply for a business visa. Nevertheless, it is possible to tour the country with a business visa.

Can I get my visa upon arriving in Brazil?

No, the visa has to be issued before you travel. Please, if you are a citizen of the one of the countries listed in item 1 above, do not even go to the airport if you do not have a valid visa. The airlines are not permitted to let you board a plane to Brazil if you do not have a visa. If they do, upon your arrival in Brazil the airline will be heavily fined and you WILL BE DEPORTED.

I am here at the airport and I was just informed by the airline that I do not have a visa. What can I do?

Change your travel plans. You cannot board the plane without the visa and no visas can be issued while you are at an airport, be it in the U.S. or in Brazil. After making other travel arrangements, please apply for the visa in the nearest Brazilian Consulate, either in person or through a visa service/visa agency.

I am divorced and I plan to travel with my children (under the age of 18) to Brazil ? Do I need permission from their father/mother?

Yes. A notarized letter from the children’s other parent authorizing the Consulate to issue the visas for the minors must be presented together with the applications. There is only one exception to this rule: when the parent who is traveling is the sole guardian of the children as decided by a Judge (in that case, please present a certified copy of the Court order).

I am in a hurry. If I come to the Consulate with my passport and meet all the other requirements for a visa, can I have it issued on the same day?

As a general rule, the visas are ready in 5 (five) business days (excluding the day when applications are received by the Consulate). Some visas (depending on the applicant’s nationality or personal status) may require a longer processing time. If the Consulate is busier than usual, the processing time for visas may be extended. The Consulate does not have an expedite fee. Please remember that you MUST schedule an appointment online before coming to the Consulate to apply for your visa.

My passport no longer has pages because I travel a lot. Can you issue me a visa on a separate sheet of paper?
No. The Consulate needs a blank page on your passport in order to issue the visa. If you do not have a blank page, please have some more pages added to your passport or get yourself a new one.

I cannot come to the Consulate to pick up my passport. Can someone do it for me?

Yes. But the person must bring a letter from you authorizing the Consulate to surrender the passport. As an alternative, the passport may be returned by mail if the applicant leaves a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope from the US Postal Service (Express Mail only) at the moment of the submission. THIS CONSULATE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR PASSPORTS LOST IN THE MAIL.

Can someone apply for a visa in my name?

Only if you reside within our consular jurisdiction. The person applying on your behalf must schedule an appointment for this purpose (please note that each appointment slot allows the person to drop off ONE SINGLE visa application) and bring all the necessary documents, including your passport. Please note that there is an extra fee of $ 20.00 when the traveler is not applying in person.

I heard that I need a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate to enter Brazil. Is it true?

The International Immunization Certificate against yellow fever will only be required from international travelers coming from countries which pose a risk of international dissemination. Currently there are no countries posing such risk. (Please see FAQ 1402 at Nevertheless, yellow fever vaccination is recommended if applicant intends to visit one of the following regions in Brazil: Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Federal District, Goiás, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima, Tocantins.

Do I need any vaccination to enter Brazil?

No. The case when an International Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is needed is explained in question 17. The only other vaccination requirement applies to children aged from three months through six years who will have to present a vaccination certificate proving they have been immunized against polio.

I just received my new passport and it is not 6 months old. Does it mean I will not be able to get my visa?
No. When we say “a valid passport, valid for six months beyond the intended date of arrival in Brazil” we mean that at the moment you enter Brazil your passport has to remain valid for at least six more months. For instance: if you are planning to arrive in Brazil on January 15, your passport has to be valid at least until July 16.

My Brazilian tourist visa stamp is valid until 2011, but my passport expired. Do I need to go through the whole visa process again?

No. You can travel to Brazil carrying your expired passport, with the Brazilian visa stamped on it, attached to your new passport. May we suggest you to staple both passports together to make sure you have them both at the moment you enter Brazil.

I am applying for a visa for myself, my spouse and two kids; do I need to make four appointments for that?
Yes. Each appointment slot allows you to drop off one single application. Please make one appointment for each visa application you are bringing with you.

How far in advance can I apply for my visa?

If you are an American passport holder you can apply for your visa at any time as long as you present us an itinerary with the dates you are going to enter and leave Brazil. You have no date to enter Brazil for the first time.
For other nationalities, we advise the traveler to apply for the visa one month before the intended date of arrival in Brazil (please keep in mind that once the visa is issued it has to be used within 90 days of its issuance date).

My application form shows an expiration date that is due before the day of my appointment. What should I do?

The application form is valid for only 30 days. After that period, the information is automatically erased from our data system. If your application form expires before the day you are supposed to have an interview at the Consulate, you must fill out another one and bring both forms (the new form and the one you used to schedule your interview) on the day of your appointment.

My tourist visa has expired and I want to renew it. Do I need to fill a new application form since the information is already in the Consulate’s system?

Yes, you do need to fill a new application on line and schedule an appointment to drop off the required documentation and pay the appropriate fees. The process is the same as if you were applying for your visa for the first time.

I lost my passport with my valid visa on it. Can you transfer the valid visa to my new passport?
No, unfortunately we CANNOT do it. You must apply for a new visa and pay all the required fees.

Additional questions can be directed to

The United States State Department provides updated information for travelers heading to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, which can be found here.

Additional References:

U.S. Embassy, Brasilia
SES 801 – Avenida das Nacoes, Lote 3
Telephone: 011-55-61-3312-7000
Emergency after-hours telephone: 011-55-61-3312-7400
Facsimile: 011-55-61-3312-7676