Traveling to Rio de Janerio, Here Are Some Tips

Rio de Janerio is the second largest city in Brazil, known for its beautiful, picturesque landscape, the beautiful beach culture and the annual carnival. Tourists are going to be planning to visit rio in mass in the near future as it will be one of the most visited cities in the world as the city will be the venue to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Let us know how one can travel to and around Rio:

By plane
If you are coming to Rio from another country or another state, you will land usually at Galeão – Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport, the prime airport for international and domestic flights. This airport is located 20 kilometers from the city center. The other big airport is known as Santos Dumont Airport, which has flights coming from some of the biggest cities in Brazil like Brasilia, Salvador, Alegre, Porto and Sao Paulo. Some of the airlines that ply to and fro Santos Dumont include Tam, Webjet, Gol, Avianca and Azul.

TAM Airlines operate direct flights from Paris on a daily basis to Rio and from Frankfurt and London, three times a week. The Air France service flies twice daily from Paris while British Airways flies thrice a week to Rio. Iberia operates on a daily basis from Madrid, while TAP flies twice a day from Lisbon and Porto. People who want to visit Rio from Africa can use Taag that flies to Rio from Luanda, four times a week

People staying in North America can avail of non-stop flights to Rio from New York and Miami by flying American Airlines or TAM airlines, from Charlotte with US Airways, from Washington DC with United Airlines, from Houston with Continental Airlines and from Atlanta with Delta Airlines. However travelling who hail from elsewhere other these places will have to make a stop in the above mentioned cities in the US or Sao Paulo to fly to Rio.
From Argentina, one can fly to Rio with the help of a host of air-carriers like Pluna, Aerolineas, TAM Mercosul, TAM, LAN from either Buenos Aires or Cordoba. These flights also fly to Rio from Caracas in Venezula, Mondevideo in Uruguay, Santiago in Chile and Asuncion in Paraguay. From South America or Central America, one can avail of services from TACA and Copa Airlines from Lima and Panama City, respectively. From Australia, you can fly LAN and from New Zealand you can avail of Aerolineas Argentinas to go to Rio

By Bus
There is a service known as Real that runs four bus lines from Santos Dumont and Galeao. The buses are well air-conditioned and well maintained with enough luggage space. Buses are the cheapest and the most convenient way to travel around Zona Sul (South Zone) with high frequency of buses. There are more than 1000 bus lines in this city, most of them run by private companies.

By taxis:There are two types of taxies. Compared to the standard yellow colored taxis that are found outside the airport terminals, there are quality, expensive cars operating outside the customs like the Galeão – Copacabana and the Galeão – Ipanema. The cabs are yellow with blue stripes on the sides. If you do not see this kind of a design, the taxi is either illegal or special service car that plies from airports or bus stations.

By car

Since parts of Rio can be quite inaccessible thanks to heavy traffic (expect even more in the coming years due to the sporting events that will be held here), cars are a safe bet. If you want to go to distant beaches like Grumari, it is better to take a car, instead of a taxi

By train

Rio’s famous Central Station is a lifeline for local commuters and tourists usually do not travel by this mode of travel.

By Boat

You can take the ferries (barcas) that connects Niteroi to Rio and arrive at the city center (Praca XV)


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