Traveling to South America – Popular Places to Visit and Destinations to see

South America has some of the best tourist destinations in the world, there are so many amazing, enthralling sights full of mystery and grandeur that can leave a lasting impression in the mind of every visitor for years to come. Here are some of the popular places that are a must on every traveler’s list if he or she want to visit South America:

1. Machu Picchu – The ruins of Machu Picchu are easily among the best ancient ruins in the world. The lost city of the Incas was actually rediscovered in the year 1911 by an archaeologist named Hiram Bingham. Machu Picchu is located in the Andes of Peru. You should take a walk around the site and watch the amazing sights here like the Temple of the Sun, Sun Gate, Intihuatana and Temple of the Condor.

2. Iguazu Falls – Iguazu Falls are one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. Located near the border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, the falls are so stunning that they look even taller and wider than Niagara Falls. Watching tones of water falling over the cliffs and the mist rising in beautifully, haunting manner adds to the thrill.

3. Amazon Rainforest – You just cannot escape this; Amazonia or the Amazon Rainforest covering 40 percent of South American continent and running through almost all countries here. One of the most beautiful sights is in Ecuador, where you can see the best of plant life and check out some rare species of medicinal plants. The lovely view of the Anzu River that runs through the Amazonian jungle and the volcano chains blanketed by clouds can enrapture one and all.

4. Rio de Janerio – This is easily the party spot of the world. The second largest city of Brazil has been on the priority list for many tourists year after year because of the New Year celebrations and the unbeatable Carnaval celebrations. With FIFA 2014 and 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics kicking in, Rio de Janerio is easily one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. One can never get tired of the immense amount of museums, beaches, buildings, tourist sites and shopping experience here.

5. Los Glaciares National Park – Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, covered in 30 percent ice, has a giant ice-cap with 47 glaciers, out of which 13 flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The northern area of the park offers panoramic views and there are abundant opportunities for ice-climbing, rock-climbing and hiking.

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